The Trouble With Food Waste

March 24, 2013

Late last year, I had a two-part series on the radio that I’ve neglected to add to the archive. Over the course of several months, I dug deep into restaurant food waste, which meant hanging out around stanky Dumpsters and following an experiment in the more fragrant kitchen of LUPA in Greenwich Village. Cruz Goler, the head chef there, let a company called LeanPath come in and test out its waste tracking software. Goler also kindly allowed me to tag along the day he and his staff got trained up on how to use it. Their story was the second segment in the series, while the first looked at precisely why all the scraps generated by restaurants are such a nuisance. For that story, I had the pleasure of interviewing the great Dr. Robert Corrigan, who heads up the New York City Rodent Control Academy.

In other news, we learned last month that The Salt won a Gracie Award in the Outstanding Blog category. We’re super psyched and honored.