The Salt Has Launched!

November 21, 2011

The Salt, NPR’s new food blog, had a soft launch in September and has been quietly gaining steam since then. While blog queen April Fulton is on maternity leave, I am the host and editor and try to maintain a mix of the most interesting news stories that our ever-complex, ever-changing food system spits out. We’re leaving room for lots of fun stories, too, like cheese sculpture and Halloween candy economics. We have an excellent team of contributors mainly from NPR’s science desk who bring a freighter of experience with them covering nutrition, food trends, agriculture, hunger, sustainability and much more.

Here is a sampling of some recent stories I’ve been most pleased with:

A Food Sculptor On Her Passion: ‘The Cheese Found Me’
Farm-Raised Tilapia, With A Dash Of Antibiotic
From Grille To Grill: When Roadkill Is Good Enough For Dinner
From Nebraska Lab To McDonald’s Tray: The McRib’s Strange Journey
New Varieties Haven’t Taken The Nutrition Out Of Broccoli
A Coconut Cake From Emily Dickinson: Reclusive Poet, Passionate Baker
How That Food You Throw Out Is Linked To Global Warming