The city is hurting my brain

January 13, 2009

Ever since reading an article by Jonah Lehrer in the Boston Globe last week and blogging about it at TreeHugger, I can’t stop thinking about how Washington, DC might be hurting my brain. To remedy the surfeit of trees in my neighborhood and apartment, I plucked a squat but intact Christmas tree off the curb of U Street on Friday night, much to the delight of my roommate and friends. Since it’s no longer Christmas, I’ll call my new addition to the living room Baby Evergreen. B.E. is still fragrant, still very green and I hope still capable of oxygenating the air. By Sunday, though, I remained unsatisfied with the limited number of plants around me, so I bought I candelabra-shaped plant sprouting pink and green stripped grasses. Regrettably, I peeled off the label and cannot identify it, but I am sure it is good for my brain.