Blogging for NPR

October 13, 2010

I’m working at NPR these days and have contributed some wordy bits to the web site in the form of blogs posts and sidebars to radio stories. Today I took a jab at the health conditions of the incredibly courageous and fortunate Chilean miners for NPR’s health blog, Shots.

Earlier in the week, I wrote a little post on Google’s big announcement to build a badly needed transmission line for offshore wind energy in the Mid-Atlantic. This was good news in a relatively bleak period of climate and energy policy stagnancy in DC.

Last week I had something for Shots on the food pyramid and USDA’s plans to possibly replace it with something better.

I had a little sidebar on Jon Hamilton’s piece on a neuroscience discovery about how nerves communicate with each other.

And in my very first Shots post, I wrote about a geochemist in Indianapolis who is studying lead contamination in urban gardens. He says you can still grow vegetables safety in urban brownfields with raised beds and mulch.